The Process


Your journey begins with encountering God.  You can do this in our weekend worship experience (10:00 AM each Sunday).  This time together is designed to give you a place for passionate praise, Spirit-formed expression and the presence of God.  You can’t live without an encounter with God.


Once your journey begins with an encounter with God, then growth is the next step.  Growth is not an option as a believer in Jesus.  In order for you to live a purpose filled life, you must become equipped.  Each week through powerful and instructive preaching/teaching our Lifegroups, you will be equipped to fulfill the purpose (destiny) of God in your life and learn to operate in your sphere of influence.  Lifegroups meet at various locations and times each week.  Find your Lifegroup today!


You are equipped to engage.  It is a time to intentionally engage your destiny (future).  Ministry teams are designed to meet a variety of needs in the church and your community.  Destiny requires action!  Find your place and operate in your grace!